10 Creative Gift Ideas for Anyone Who Loves Their Pet

Posted on 14th September 2019

There are lots of pet-related gifts on the market, but how do you choose the ideal gift for the pet lover in your life?

If you want to show some extra love and care in your own gift ideas, then read on for a few of our top suggestions...

Make It Personalised

Admittedly, this is something the pet owner will appreciate much more than the pet, but that only helps to make it more special for your pet-loving friend!
Opting for personalised pet gifts can help elevate even the simplest of items to something quite spectacular, and is available on everything from dog beds to water bowls and beyond.
Whatever you're gifting, there is sure to be a personalised way to add some extra lustre to the item.

Grab A Gift Card

Gift cards might not immediately feel like the most imaginative gift, but it does allow the recipient to find something which they (and their pet) will truly love.
This makes a handy backup plan if you really can't find anything to suit them, but we recommend exhausting all other options beforehand!

Look For Pet-Themed Jewellery

Found a great piece of jewellery which reminds you of their pet? Then for jewellery fans, this could be the ideal present. A lovely piece of jewellery can have a real impact, and it also provides a great way for your recipient to carry memories of their pet around with them all day long.
Thankfully, there are plenty of both statement pieces and more delicate items available, ensuring something for every taste.

Choose Great Pet Clothing

Some pets are averse to being put in a seasonal jumper or a reflective vest, but for dog lovers this could be a particularly thoughtful gift. As well as showing you've been thinking of them, it also demonstrates you care about their pet.
Carefully check the sizing before you make a purchase, as measurements for pet clothing can sometimes be a little tricky. Look for sizing charts which include information on specific breeds, as this will make getting it right much easier.

Get Animal-Themed Apparel

It’s not just their pet who you can buy clothing for, but the owner too. Depending on their favourite pet, you could opt for getting a T-shirt with the type of animal they love emblazoned on it, or perhaps go for some custom pieces which include a photo of their real pet.
The added effort will definitely be appreciated, and this is often a fun novelty gift for true pet lovers.

Look For Fun Slogans

Pet-related slogans with relatable or quirky messages are another big favourite, and will soon have your pet-loving friend laughing and thanking you for thinking of them.
Slogans can be found on everything from notepads to cushion covers, and will certainly provide a talking point!

Hunt Down Pet-Related Home Décor

Most pet lovers adore adding images and reminders of their pets around the home, so pet-related décor is often a big hit.
There are so many different ways to approach this, from investing in pet-themed glassware to getting them a piece of wall art painted with an image of their pet of choice. If you're not sure how much space your recipient has, its best to keep it simple; go for mugs, coasters, fridge magnets or other, smaller items which they can add to the home without making too much of a statement.

Find Pet-Related Photo Books

Coffee table books or books filled with photos and information on their favourite pet are sure to be a treasured gift, and this is also a luxurious type of present which shows real thought and attention to detail.
Depending on the type of book you buy, your recipient could even end up learning much more about their pet, which is a great way to help them strengthen their bond.

Subscribe Them To A Pet Magazine

There is a world of pet-friendly magazines out there, each offering unique insights into the world of pet ownership for a wide variety of different species and breeds.
This can be particularly useful if your recipient has a unique type of animal as a pet, and you can often purchase a year of subscription with no fuss or hassle. Subscriptions make a great supplementary gift in addition to something a little more flashy and decorative.

Buy Pet Travel Gear

Pet owners often love to travel with their pets, but it can be tricky to gather all the right equipment. This is where your thoughtful gift can come in handy.
From cat boxes to dog harnesses, look for pieces which will fit into their life and stand up to plenty of wear and tear.

Gift Pup Top Suggestions

At GiftPup, we stock a wide variety of pet-related gifts, ideal for showing your favourite pet lover how much you care!

Some of our favourites include the Pet Photo Upload Apron, which allows you to upload an image of their favourite pet onto a high quality personalised apron. Available in one flexible size, the item is ideal for anyone who is creative in the kitchen, and is made from 100% polyester canvas for extra durability. The item is also available in a special kid-friendly size, so junior pet lovers can also join in with the fun!

Alternatively, you can always opt for a Medium Dog Bed Cushion (also available in small and large sizes), to help create a comfy space for the dog of the house. Each cushion features a photo of their pet printed on a sturdy yet soft canvas material with a black backing on the reverse, and, it’s also washable for added convenience.

To add some pet-related home décor to your gift list, we recommend the Black Glass Pet Photo Coaster, which allows the recipient to always see their favourite photo of their pet, while also helping to prevent any marks to furniture or accidental spills. Each coaster is made from premium quality glass with a stylish black border for a contemporary feel that is still personal.

There really is a world of options when it comes to gifting the pet lover in your life, so take a deep breath and get shopping!


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