10 Wonderful Winter Wedding Gift Ideas for Bridesmaids

Posted on 2nd November 2019

A wedding is always cause for celebration, and winter weddings provide even more opportunity to be creative. Many brides love to treat their bridesmaids to a gift to mark the occasion, as a way of saying thank you for their contribution to the big day.

It can be a tall order to know what to get but personalised bridesmaid gifts offer a creative thoughtful and unique solution. Here are a few options perfect for winter weddings…


This is a tried and tested, all seasons favourite – giving bridesmaids a gift which they can wear time and again. For the best results, we recommend keeping the jewellery you choose understated; think in terms of delicate silver or gold necklaces or a pair of simple studded earrings. The thing which will really elevate this gift is your choice of presentation. Personalise the gift box, or add a personalised thank you card.

Tote bags

An eco-friendly tote bag with a personalised message is another fabulous way to say thank you, and also gives your bridesmaids a practical item to take away with them after the big day. A popular aesthetic is to opt for a simple canvas in white or beige, before adorning the bag with the name of each bridesmaid. Tote bags are also great for taking to wedding fayres, not only do they let suppliers know which roles everyone has, but they are also great for carrying brochures, samples, and any notes.

Bath bombs

Winter is a time for pampering yourself, so why not treat your bridesmaids to a fancy bath bomb? There's a wide variety available, so you can select some seasonal scents which work perfectly for the time of year. Make it extra special by placing in a personalised gift box. These are also great for a spot of pre-wedding pampering, and could even be used as part of an at-home spa sesh.


Choosing a richly-scented candle is a fantastic way of gifting your bridesmaids something they'll be able to use in their everyday life, while remembering the part they played in your wedding. Opt for a candle in a jar, preferably with a personalised label, so that even after the candle is long gone, there will still be something special for them to treasure.

Personalised Mugs

Who doesn't love a personalised mug? This is a great gift option for your bridesmaids, no matter the season. However, it could prove particularly handy as they brew warming mugs of tea throughout the winter. Add a special message which reminds them of the wedding to ensure this will always be a favourite piece of kitchenware!

Art Prints

If you want to turn your thank you gift into a piece of art, then an art print makes this a reality. Simply design a message to your bridesmaid and have it framed – this way, they can include your gift in their home décor. For brides who don't feel very creative, this is still a possibility – opt for ready-made designs which can be customised to your preferences, instead of getting crafty with a DIY take on this trend.

Personalised Glasses

An upscale alternative to a personalised mug, a personalised glass is a great way to show how much you appreciate all your bridesmaids have done to help with your wedding, and the possibilities are almost endless! Coloured glass, engraving, choosing different fonts and shapes of the glass itself – all of these can be adapted to suit both the style of your wedding and the preferences of each bridesmaid you're shopping for.


A delicate, personalised notebook is sure to provide your bridesmaids with a gift they can use long after the wedding day is over. In addition, this option is decorative without being intrusive, making it a fantastic choice for anyone who has limited space or very specific design preferences (which rules out some other gifting options). Winter is a busy time for everyone, and a notebook – or alternatively, a diary – will allow your bridesmaids to plan and jot down all the important thoughts and ideas which matter to them.


If you the cash to spare then this is another wonderful choice for bridesmaids. It will remind them of your wedding day, while also potentially giving them some items they can incorporate into festive celebrations. There are a wide range of hampers available, with gifts for foodies, elaborate wines or spirits, or pampering hampers filled with shower gels, scrubs and bath products. Choose your hampers based on the individual bridesmaids you are buying for, or make one up yourself with hand picked products.

Scarves and wraps

Whether for use on the day to stave off the winter chill, or designed simply as a stylish addition to your bridesmaid gifting, this is a lovely way to tell your bridesmaid how much you appreciate their help. As with so many wonderful gift options on this list, they can be personalised to add some extra flair, or even incorporated into a gift bundle.

GiftPup Suggestions

Here are some of our favourite items, perfect for gifting to your bridesmaids for a winter wedding:

Bride Squad Champagne Flute

With its delicate engraving and classic shape, this champagne flute is a fun gift complete with three Swarovski crystals attached to one side. You can also personalise them each with your bridesmaid's name, making this a unique and luxurious way to say thanks. There is also a range of other engraved glassware, including shot glasses and pint glasses if your tribe prefer a different tipple.

Bridesmaid Marble Canvas Tote Bag

From gathering brochures at wedding fayres, to packing for the hen do, and eventually to holding the big day essentials, your bridesmaids , this classic tote bag is fully re-usable and can also be personalised with each bridesmaid's name. This bag has a natual cotton finish, and you can even add the date of the wedding to the gift – ensuring a high-quality and infinitely practical item with plenty of aesthetic appeal.

Vibrant Flower Large Bridesmaid Box

This stunning wedding box allows your bridesmaids to store whatever they want to within, and can be personalised with up to 40 characters for the perfect special message. Whether for wedding keepsakes or their own personal items, its an upscale take on bridesmaid gifting at its very best. This box could also be a great way to 'propose' to your bridesmaid by filling it with a selection of wedding-related goodies.


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