7 Tips to Keep Your Christmas Shopping Budget in Check

Posted on 26th October 2019

Even for the most enthusiastic of festive shoppers, Christmas shopping can be surprisingly stressful activity, particularly if you're keen to stick to a budget this year. Thankfully, there's no reason to be overly extravagant with your festive gifts in 2019 – here are seven of our top tips to ensure you stay within budget without scrimping on the festive cheer!

Create A Shopping List

This might sound obvious, but it’s easy for your Christmas shopping to spiral out of control if you don't first decide what you need to buy. There's a lot of temptation around during the festive season, from last minute gift options to simply accumulating decorations you don't really require – so to stop yourself falling into these traps, sit down and write a comprehensive list. Include everything from any Christmas décor you want to buy to cards, presents and festive food. Revisit the list before you start shopping, and don't be afraid to remove anything which now seems unimportant.

Set Your Budget

Instead of simply speculating how much you can afford to spend, set a rigid budget for your Christmas shopping. How much do you want to spend on each gift, how much do you want to spend on other items, and most importantly, how much can you afford to spend? Decide the full amount and then divide this sum up between every area of Christmas spending, from gifts and cards, to decorations, food, and any drinks.

Use Cash Or A Pre-Paid Card

If you really worry you'll be tempted by erratic spending or too good to miss offers, commit to using cash or a pre-paid credit card loaded with a chunk of your festive budget for as many purchases as possible. Not only does this remove the initial temptation to reach for your credit card, but it'll make it much easier to keep track of where you've been spending and how much. Unplanned card payments can quickly add up to a surprisingly large total, so adopt this approach for a new appreciation of restraint. After all, no-one wants to starts the new year with a hefty credit card bill.

Shop Solo

Shopping with other people might be fun, but it can also lead to spontaneous, peer-pressured purchases. What seems like the perfect gift when you have company could actually seem like a big waste of money once you get it back home. Instead, try shopping alone. Approach each shop you visit armed with your shopping list, and cross off each item as you make a purchase. Not only will this help stop you from making impulse purchases, but it'll also keep your costs down – and help you feel less pressured to buy than if you were on a shopping excursion with friends or family.

Seek Out Sales

The festive season brings a vast array of fantastic sales, so make the most of them! Seek out sales in your nearest town or city, and plan a shopping trip, or search online for offers such as free shipping. Not only will you find sales in larger department stores, but budget outlets can also produce some unexpected gems to upgrade Christmas without breaking the bank. Christmas shopping doesn't always have to be expensive, and many retailers are eager to draw in custom and secure a purchase by making their products as enticing as possible. You just need to know when (and where to shop) – and go off the beaten track if necessary.

Carefully Shop For Kids

Shopping for children’s gifts brings its own stresses, with so many new products becoming the latest 'must have' each year. When you have a set budget, try to stay away from fads and go for something more timeless and individual. The trendier items for kids this Christmas are likely to also come with a huge price tag – so why not take a different route instead of blowing the budget on a single toy. If you can't help yourself, make sure you've allocated the money before you go shopping to avoid having to draw back the cash by removing something (or someone!) else from your shopping list.

Get Combined Gifts

A combined gift is a great way to stay on budget this Christmas. From couples through to younger children, some gifts can be used by two or more people often allowing you to spend more on that gift than you would otherwise, yet still stay within the funds you've allowed for your shopping. Popular options include everything from experiential gifts such as theatre tickets or passes for sporting events to video games, electronics and board games.

GiftPup Suggestions

At GiftPup, we're always eager to help customers make their money go further. Here are a few of our favourite ideas for Christmas shopping, each of which can be personalised for added value...

A Bear Is For Life Christmas Bear

This delightful festive bear can be customised with the recipient's name, and makes the ideal gift for a child this Christmas. Clad in seasonal colours and with a fun message on his shirt, the bear is cuddly enough to suit both children and the young at heart. The GiftPup range of cuddly bears also includes snowmen and reindeer, perfect for the holiday season.

Personalised Santa Sacks

These great gifts come in a variety of different personalised designs, ensuring you can find the perfect one for your recipient. This is a fantastic way of bundling up Christmas gifts in a fun, seasonal format. Add a name to help give some added Christmas magic to the it. The best thing about a Santa sack is that it can be reused year after year to keep the magic going.

Merry Crimbo Photo Bauble

We have lots of customisable options for Christmas baubles, but adding a photo to your tree adornments is sure to help this year's decorations really stand out! Simply choose the image you want to use and add it to this classic piece, before hanging on the tree. It’s an affordable way of upgrading your decorations too, ensuring you can stick to budget without missing out on the little additions which make Christmas truly special.

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