Beautiful Gift Ideas for Child Bridesmaids to Cherish

Posted on 21st September 2019

Being asked to be a bridesmaid is often an event we associate with adult friends, yet children are also regularly included in the bridal party. If you've decided to make a child in your life a bridesmaid at your wedding, you'll no doubt be hunting down a few gift ideas perfect for saying thank you!

In this blog, we'll take a look at some of the top suggestions for child bridesmaids, providing you with plenty of gifting inspiration...

Go Handmade

This options is reserved for the more crafty among us, but nonetheless a handmade gift is considered one of the most treasured presents for bridesmaids of all ages – giving you space to show off your own talents while creating something unique.
If you aren't blessed with crafting skills, then there are still ways to add a handmade feel to your gifts, by simply choosing things which look suitably rustic, or have specific handmade credentials. It may not be the same as making something yourself, but will lend a special feel to even the simplest of gifting options.

Get It Personalised

Personalising your bridesmaid gift is the perfect way to show how much you appreciate their contribution to your wedding. It’s a fantastic alternative to the handmade approach, and you can personalise your gift with a special message, their initials or their full name, ensuring plenty of flexibility!
You can find a wide array of personalised gifts for all different tastes and age groups, which is the perfect way to find the ideal present which suits the bridesmaid you are buying for.
A particular favourite is personalised pens and stationery, which is ideally suited to younger bridesmaids.

Consider The Gift Of Clothing

How about getting your bridesmaid a shawl or jacket? Depending on the weather at the time of your wedding, this could come in handy on the day itself, and works well for child bridesmaids and adults. There are numerous clothing options available, so find something that works with your bridesmaid dresses, and they'll have a gift which is practical, and that is a reminder of the wedding day.
Many brides now gift their bridesmaids with sleepwear for the night before the wedding, and this can include younger bridesmaids as well as any adults who are taking part in bridesmaid duties.

Look For Great Jewellery

The gift of jewellery is often a memorable one, particularly if you opt for infinitely wearable, timeless pieces which will provide your bridesmaid with a memento of the day she played a pivotal role in. These can be great gifts to give the child to either wear on the day, or to be presented with at the wedding breakfast. For children, we recommend necklaces or adjustable bracelets, as they are unlikely to 'outgrow' them. Decorative pendants and personalised bracelets are particularly popular, but be sure you only opt for jewellery when the child is old enough to safely wear the item.

Find Decorative Pieces

A special day deserves to be commemorated, and giving your bridesmaid a photo frame provides plenty of inspiration to frame a great image from your wedding. As with so many great wedding party gifts, photo frames can often also be personalised to provide added uniqueness and value.
A decorative vase is a great choice if your child bridesmaid is fond of flowers, and you can even gift her something from your bouquet to get her started! Alternatively, age-appropriate glassware is a great option for older children.

Opt For Something Edible

One gift which never goes out of style is the gift of chocolate and sweets! Edible gifts come in a wide variety of styles and flavours, and while they may not be cherished long after the event (they'll probably be eaten!) you can at least be sure this is an option sure to please almost everyone.
There are many different ways to approach this gift, from sticking to a simple box of chocolates to getting something specially made for your bridesmaid. Whatever you do, be sure to check any dietary requirements before you purchase.

Get Your Bridesmaid A Gift Bag

An ever-popular gift for bridesmaids, a gift bag can include almost anything you can think of – including a combination of some of the gifts included in this list, and many more creative and inspiring ideas. Alternatively, there are a variety of per-made gift bags and hampers which are a great time-saving option.
The only thing you need to ensure when purchasing for a young bridesmaid is that each gift that you add is suitable for the child, and, especially with foods and skin care, that they don't have any allergies or sensitivities.

Gift Pup Suggestions

Ready to start shopping for that ideal bridesmaid gift? Then take a look at some of our top suggestions...

For decorative jewellery fans, we recommend the Pink Benitas Friendship Bracelet, which celebrates friendship in delicate pink hues. The gift is also available in blue, and is a wonderful way to say thank you to a treasured bridesmaid on the day of your wedding. This piece uses decorative beads and includes the name of your recipient, so its a one-of-a-kind item they'll be able to wear for many years to come.

For another timeless gift, you could choose the Ball Pen & Case. The chrome case can be personalised with a message perfect for your bridesmaid, whilst the pen itself can feature her name. This is a great gift for bridesmaids that are older children, or that enjoy their reading and writing, as this is a gift that they can continue to use long after the wedding and into adulthood.

Another delightful option is to invest in a special Your Message Giant Cookie, which adds a message of your choice to an enormous chocolate chip treat. The gift includes a special gift box which will fit through the letterbox, providing convenience as well as something delicious to help you say thank you in style. Alternatively, this could be used as a great Bridesmaid Proposal for the sweet-toothed.

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