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Posted on 3rd July 2019

There is so much more to a teacher than just teaching, they help to spark new passions and interests, they support, and encourage, and inspire, they help to nurture and provide guidance...More importantly, a teacher is surrounded by other people's children for eight hours a day, and goes back again! Needless to say, a teacher deserves a lot of thanks, and what better way to give it than with one of our great gifts for teachers?

Tote Bag

What better way for your teacher to carry around all of their books and teaching supplies than with one of our personalised tote bags. Whether it's full of spare pens, textbooks, or homework, our tote bags are guaranteed to become a new classroom fixture. This World's Best Teacher Tote is a great way to leave a lasting impression on your favourite teacher.
All of our bags are printed on both sides, and are made out of 100% natural cotton. Each bag can be fully personalised with your teacher's name for the perfect goodbye gift.


Classroom Sign

A student spends over half of the year in school, so why not help make the classroom more welcoming with this Personalised Classroom Sign? Simply add your teachers name, and you're ready to go with this gift that they're sure to use for years.
Made from metal and solid wood, this sign is sure to give next years class a great welcome (and guarantee a good start to the new school year), and at only 23cm high, it is guaranteed to find a place in even the smallest room!


Plant Pot

Add some fun to any classroom with our colourful Desk Accessories. Our personalised plant pots are a great way to add an extra burst of colour, and some studies have even claimed that plants can help boost creativity and increase productivity - ideal for any school environment. Plants have even been suggested to reduce sickness and absence, the perfect way to ensure perfect attendance!
We love this Thanks For Helping Me Grow Plant Pot as a way to show appreciation for your favourite teacher in a unique way.


Chocolate Plaque

An apple for the teacher is so last century, why not treat your teacher to something a little different with one of our sweet Chocolate Plaques? The solid chocolate base can be personalised with a small message, and makes the perfect platform for anything from a Chocolate Apple to a Sweet Pencil Pot, or even a Mini Smash Cup!
This Red Chocolate Apple Plaque is made from a delicious chocolate orange interior for the perfect way for your teacher to get their 5 a day!



Whether it's lesson plans, notes, or naughty lists, a teacher's notebook can always come in handy. Even with keyboards and touchscreens on the rise, pen and paper continues to be a go-to choice for note making.
Our personal favourite is the Maths Problems Teacher Notebook. This notebook is specially made for maths teachers, and is personalised with your teachers name - this notebook is sure to sum up a great year!



Of course, a teach can't have a notebook without a pen to write in it with! A great personalised pen is a gift that is guaranteed pride of place on the desk, or safely out of the reach of others in your teachers trusty pencil case.
Teacher's are often stuck handing out spare pens to students, make this a pen that is kept for your teachers use only by personalising it with their name. We particularly like this Brushed Chrome Pen as luxury option for your favourite teacher.



Tea and coffee plays a very important part in the school day. It helps teachers get to school, helps them get through school, and helps them stay in a good mood when they're marking homework! Therefore, it's important that they have something suitable to drink from - like our range of Personalised Mugs.
This Best Teacher Ever Mug is a great choice for any teacher, with a combination of scholarly symbols, from a flask to a palette, and a selection of stationary.


Coaster Card

What better place for your teacher to put their new mug than on one of our brilliant coaster cards? Both a card and a present in one handy envelope, our Personalised Coaster Cards are an easy way to say thank you, and are printed on FSC certified board - making them a win for both you, and the environment!
This Teacher Superpower Coaster Card can be personalised with a small message and your teacher's name for the perfect end of year gift.



If your teacher already has a trusty mug and coaster to match, why not gift your teacher the perfect accompaniment - one of our Personalised Hampers.
The perfect gift for a school lunchtime treat is this sumptuous Afternoon Tea Hamper. This letterbox sized hamper packs a great surprise in its small packaging, and is made up of a selection of delicious biscuits, truffles and cakes, not forgetting the all important tea! Each of our hampers even includes a gift card which can be personalised with a small message of appreciation.



After a tough school year, and when tea, cake, and biscuits isn't quite cutting it, the only real solution is an alcoholic one. Give your teacher a treat they truly need with a personalised bottle of their favourite tipple.
This personalised Teacher Qualities Red Wine is the perfect gift for the overworked educator, and the Chilean Merlot that it holds is well balanced with a rich, pleasing finish, perfect for the end of a long school day.


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