Birthday Gifts for Kids

Posted on 19th February 2020

Kids can at times be incredibly difficult to buy for; not because you don't know what they want, but rather because what they want can often change on a daily, or even hourly, basis.

Here at GiftPup, we believe that the best gift that you can buy is on that is personal to them, and that they can use for longer than just a week. That's why we've curated a list of some of our favourite, and most popular, children's gifts, that they're sure to love for months, and even years, to come.

Pendulum Clock

Whether they're just learning to tell the time, or they're almost timelords, this Hot Air Balloon style Pendulum Clock is the perfect addition to their bedroom wall. The clock features a German quartz movement with a silent tick, to ensure that they can sleep soundly through the night, and is available in two colours (our classic Blue, or a soft Pink). We also offer a wide range of additional styles, from Teddy Bears and Ballerinas, to Diggers and Dinosaurs, to perfectly suit your child's favourite toys.

Personalised Money Box

A personalised money box is the perfect way to start teaching children about saving, and can help them to keep their pocket money safe. We offer both sturdy wooden boxes, and traditional ceramics, both of which feature a secure rubber seal for easy access when the time comes to open it. Our most popular money boxes are part of our children's Moon & Stars range, which includes a vibrant Blue and Red money box, alongside a soft Pink and Purple design.

Water Bottle

Kids are constantly on the go, so why not help them to say hydrated in style with their own personal water bottle! Our range of colourful designs help to add a bit of fun, whilst also guaranteeing that their bottle won't get lost or left behind at school. Our bottles also feature both a sports cap, and a secure screw cap for a spill-proof seal. For the ultimate school look, our Moon & Stars range includes a stylish water bottle, as well as a brilliant personalised pen pot, a canvas tote bag, and a vibrant red rucksack.

Plush Grey Bunny

Our plush bunnies have been one of our biggest sellers since they were first introduced to the website, and they continue to be incredibly popular with young children. The adorable pink button nose and soft floppy ears will melt anyone's heart, and with your child's name written in beautiful script on bunny's left ear, it is sure to become their favourite cuddly toy, and a gift that they can treasure for years. The popularity of our plush bunnies has also led to the introduction of our gorgeous plush grey elephants.

Sweet Stash Jar

Finally, why not treat your child to a classic birthday treat that will also put a smile on their face - sweets! This brilliant sweet stash jar is the perfect gift for any child - regardless of their age. This 10cm tall, traditional-style glass sweet jar is personalised with their name, and can be refilled over and over for a great gift that keeps on giving. For a little treat to top off their birthday celebrations, simply fill this up with their favourite sweet treats for the ultimate birthday sugar rush!

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