Christmas Gifts for Pets

Posted on 11th December 2019

Our final gift guide is dedicated to the furrier members of the family. Whether you're a dog-person or a cat-person, we know how important it is to include them in family rituals, from breakfast and dinner, to Christmastime.

Whether they're feline, canine, or even equine, our pets aren't just pets, and here at GiftPup, we know how much our four legged friends mean, so we have created an excellent collection of Pet Gifts to treat even the most pampered of puppers.


This super comfy Reserved for Dog Bed Cushion is the perfect cushion for a wide range of dog breeds, from cockapoo to corgi. Each cushion features a silhouette of your pets breed, and comes in the perfect size for your dog - small for a Dachshund, medium for a Cocker Spaniel, and large for Huskies. The cushion is made from a soft yet sturdy canvas with a black backing on the reverse for an easy to wash and hard wearing bed for your pet. This excellent bed is also available for cats in a single size.

Our delicious Bone Deluxe Hamper is packed full to the brim with a series of tasty treats and toys that your dog is bound to love. Each hamper is filled with a selection of biscuit bites (in the flavours peanut butter and jelly, mature cheddar, and duck and parsley), our Best in Show Popcorn and Crisps, a Rope Bone Toy, Rope Heart Toy, 3 Tennis Balls, Two Bow Ties, and a bottle of Woof Dog-Friendly Beer. This is the perfect way to treat your canine companion to their own holiday hamper.

Just like with our dog hamper, this Fish Deluxe Cat Hamper is filled with specially selected snacks and toys for your cat, all supplied in a handmade wicker basket shaped like a fish. Alongside a ceramic cat bowl, the hamper also includes two packs of treats (flavoured with chicken and fish), alongside 3 Mini Tennis Balls, a Woollen Cat Play Ball, a Jumbo Jazzle Sparkler, a Catnip Mouse, and even a 'Pur-fect' cat mug for you (or for your favourite cat parent).

Our Dog Food & Water Mat is the perfect place for your pet to chow down, and can be personalised with their name for the perfect gift for both them, and you. This stylish yet sensible mat has labelled areas for your dog's food and water, and it also has two additional sections for their favourite ball, and for them to have a nice bone as an after dinner treat. We also offer a brilliant matching Wipe Your Paws Doormat, to protect your floors from muddy paw-prints after a long walk.

Finally, for the perfect feasting experience for your feline, our washable, grey Cat Food and Water Doormat is perfect for holding your cats food and water bowls, and also leaves space for their favourite toy and a little bit of catnip. Each section is laid out and labelled to ensure perfect placement for even the most particular pets. We also have an excellent matching Cat Litter Station Mat, to keep cat litter at bay and in the tray. Each of our mats has an anti-slip recycled backing and is entirely machine washable.

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