GiftPup’s Back to School Survival Guide

Posted on 14th August 2019

So, the summer’s almost over and the kids are ready to go back to school, but what are the best ways to prepare for the new school year? GiftPup has rounded up their top tips for Back to School Survival.

Set A Routine

The first week of school can often be a challenge for both parents and children as the new routine sets back in. As September approaches, try to slowly reintroduce the school routine back into your day. This may involve starting to wake them up earlier in the morning, sending them to bed earlier in the evening, and perhaps changing meal times (and bath times - depending on your child's age). This should mean that by the time the first day of school comes around, bedtimes and mealtimes are much easier, and there's one less battle in the morning.

Protect Their Posture

Protecting your child's posture at a young age is important for their future growth. Bags worn on one shoulder are likely to stress one side of the body significantly more than the other. A backpack is a great way for your children to carry their school supplies with the weight evenly split, however an ill-fitted backpack can cause further problems. Try to keep the backpack from hanging lower than a few inches below their waist, and make sure that the straps offer adequate padded support. Regularly repacking a backpack can also help to reduce any unnecessary added weight.

Stock Up On Supplies

Whilst it's important that your child has all of the equipment that they need for their work, a lot of the stationary that is bought in the next few weeks is destined for the bottom of your child's pencil case or backpack. Ideally, get an equipment list from your child's school, otherwise focus on the essentials; writing pens, pencils, a ruler, an eraser, and a pencil sharpener. Older children may also require highlighters, calculators and revision aids. Ensure that your children start the year with the essentials, and purchase any extra items as required.

Meal Plan

The best way to avoid any dinnertime disagreements and lunchtime let-downs is by creating a weekly meal plan with your child. This is also a good way to keep costs down when shopping. Some schools now enforce rules regarding a child's packed lunch, with the banning of items such as chocolate bars and crisps, so always check with the school's policies before heading to the shop. The Children's Food Trust recommends packing a balanced lunch where all of the food groups are covered aside from fats and sugars.

Perfect Personalised Supplies

A collection of personalised stationary and supplies are a great way to ensure that your child's latest school stuff isn't lost or stolen. Our collection of Back to School Gifts have been specially selected for the best September start.


Our personalised pencils are perfect for all of your child's sketches and scribbles. Each pencil is specially engraved with your child's name to make sure that they never lose a pencil again.

Water Bottle

Help your child sip in style with a personalised water bottle. These aluminium water bottles have a secure drinking cap and are the perfect way to prevent dehydration during the school day.


These lightweight backpacks are the perfect home for your little ones' pencils, crayons, and books. The adorable design on the front leaves plenty of space for your child's full name, or even their class!


This fun notebook is perfect for your child's school notes, or even for them to doodle in at home. The front of our notebook's can be customised with your child's name for the perfectly personal writing space.

Pen Pot

Our vibrant ceramic pen pots make a stunning accessory on any child's desk, whether it's at home or school. Give your child a pretty place to park their pencils and wave goodbye to dishevelled desks.


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