How To...Be The Maid of Honour

Posted on 18th September 2019

The role of Maid of Honour is just that, an honour. The bride has chosen you to be the woman that she trusts and loves enough to have by her side on the biggest day of her life, so it's only natural that you will want to make sure that you do a good job. Here at GiftPup, we've created a quick guide for how to be the BEST Maid of Honour.

Help Out

Whether it's giving suggestions and advice, or helping to make wedding favours, a maid of honour should be on hand to help out throughout the planning and on the day. The level of help that each bride may need will differ based on the woman, the couple, and the wedding, so no 2 maid of honour roles are the same. As long as you are there when she needs you, either on the phone, or by her side, you are doing your job.

Lead The Bridal Party

An alternate title for the Maid of Honour is the Chief Bridesmaid, this is because part of your role is to rally the troops and organise the other bridesmaids. The easy way to do this is by creating a group chat where you can field any bridesmaid questions, organise dress fittings and pre-wedding plans, and even plan a surprise or two for the bride if you want. This all culminates in making sure that everyone is ready on time on the day.

Plan The Hen Do

Perhaps the most fun (or most stressful) part of being the Maid of Honour, is organising the hen do for your bridal bestie. Hen dos can come in many shapes and sizes, from a family friendly afternoon tea, to a raucous 'final night of freedom', a holiday in the sun, to a fun-filled obstacle course. The best way to throw the best party is by consulting the bride, make sure she likes the general idea, and get her to provide a guest list.

Be The Point Person

As Maid of Honour, make notes of the key information (the venue address, guest accommodation, timings etc) so that guests can come to you with their questions, instead of bothering the nearly-weds, especially in the final days before the wedding. On the day, make it clear to everyone that they are to bring any problems or questions to you - that way, you can fix any minor issues without adding to the Bride's pre-wedding nerves.

Keep The Bride Calm

Pre-wedding jitters are natural, the final few weeks may be filled with a panicked bride questioning if she's picked the right dress, or if the weather will be okay. Reassure her that everything will be okay, and that the day will be perfect. If she's having any series second thoughts, sit down with her and talk it through calmly to make sure that she is calm and rational before making any big decisions.

Have An Emergency Kit

A great way to keep the bride calm on the day, is by being equipped with an Emergency Kit. From makeup to mints, having the essentials on hand ensures that you can tackle any mini-disaster that might occur. If you're struggling to think about what you might need, we have prepared our own Emergency Kit-List to help you out, or there's also a great one available here.

Be A Friend

Last but definitely not least, be her friend! There's a reason that you were the one that she chose to stand by her side, and you will both still be friends long after the wedding is over, so put the wedding plans and Pinterest boards to one side and spend some time just hanging out. Whether you're gym buddies, or gin buddies, take some time out to do what you guys do best.

Hen Do Must Haves

Champagne Flute

Celebrate in style with this personalised Bride Squad Champagne Flute. Perfect for a sophisticated soiree with the girls, each glass features a spiralled design and Swarovski crystals, and can be personalised with the bride's name, and the name of each 'hen'. These glasses are also great for toasting on the day, from your preparations in the bridal suite, to the wedding breakfast.

Shot Glass

If you and the girls prefer shots to champers, this Bride Tribe Conical Shot Glass is a great way to get the party starter, and can be used again and again on nights out, night in, and nights away! By personalising each glass with the bride's name, and the wedding date, these glasses are also a great memento of the big day that can be used at all of your future parties.

Pint Glass

Not every bride wants a champagne toast or to sling back shots, so, if neither champers nor shots is her thing, perk up the party with a personalised Hen Do Engraved Pint Glass, and ensure that the perfect pint is poured. Pint glasses are also very versatile, and are a great way to include non-drinkers in the celebrations with a glass that they will use.

Sweet Tree

This Malteser Pink Drizzle Heart Sweet Tree is perfect for both the bride, and for all the girls, after all, who better to share it with? Whether it's a centrepiece for the hen do, or a sweet treat in the bridal suite, these tasty treats are guaranteed to go down well, and with a wide variety of trees available, you're guaranteed to find one she'll love.

Money Box

Before any of the hen do plans can take place, why not create a Hen Do Fund that you, and the other hens, can all add to to help spread the cost. This Hen Do Personalised Money Box is great for adding small change to top up the budget. Alternatively, this can be used as a way to cover the bride's expenses in order to ensure that she has the best possible party without putting her hand in her own pocket.

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