How To Buy The Perfect Gift For Fussy Kids

Posted on 5th October 2019

Children can be difficult to buy for, particularly if they're a little fussy in general. However, this needn't mean you can't find something they'll love – and which won't cost a fortune.

We've compiled this brief guide to help you get to grips with finding the perfect personalised gifts for kids who might otherwise be a little difficult to buy for!

Focus On Their Interests

Do they have any special interests? Even the fussiest kid can be persuaded by a gift related to an interest or hobby they love. Another way to approach this is to buy something to help ease them into a potential hobby that they may have mentioned – like buying a tennis racket for a tennis fan, or a notebook for a budding writer.
This shows extra attentiveness and attention to detail, which everyone appreciates!

Keep It Timeless

Some children's gifts lose their appeal after a little while, but a timeless gift is one they can treasure long after it’s been unwrapped.
For the best and most timeless gifts, avoid slogans from TV shows or the latest movie your kid is crazy about. Instead, look for items you can imagine them carrying into their adulthood and looking back on with fondness.

Opt For Something Edible

If all else fails, then sweets and chocolate are normally a big hit with kids of all ages and interests. However, you should first ensure that the chocolates you get are acceptable for the child's age, and that there are no allergies you should be aware of. After covering these areas, let your imagination run wild – the brighter and bolder the chocolate box or sweets, the happier the kid you're buying for is likely to be!

Find Craft-Style Toys and Gifts

This is an ever-popular way to create something truly unique, and it helps add a handmade flair to any item!
We recommend this approach for fussy kids, as it will help them see the value of the gift you've given them, and all the care and attention which has gone into choosing it. Be sure to go for products your child will actually like, rather than being led by the craft-style elements.

Select Their Favourite Colour

Many kids have a favourite colour, and it’s hard to go wrong when you buy them something in this colour scheme. Favourite colours often have a higher importance at younger ages, but be careful, as sometimes this can be an ever-changing answer. If you can't get the exact colour they like, then choose something on the same spectrum – and wait for their delighted reaction when they open the present!

Get Them A Special Toy

Children often dote on their favourite toys. Whether it's a comfort blanket, stuffed bunny, or their best truck, it is a toy that they will no doubt carry with them on car rides and holidays, and a toy that will become a staple of their childhood. Buying a personalised one for a special occasion such as a birthday or Christmas is the ideal way to show how much you love them, while also treating them to a gift they'll adore.

Choose Great Stationery

No matter what stage of their education they're currently at, kids seem to really love a great stationery set. From notebooks for their doodles, to coloured pens and pencil for their drawing, stationary provides children with a great creative outlet. There are loads of options out there that are great for both boys and girls, and many of them will be welcomed with open arms by even the fussiest of children!

Look For Personalisation

Personalised gifts never go out of style, and also help fussy children feel like they're being really indulged. You can find personalisation on a huge number of different products, which makes finding the right one a much simpler task. Finding the ideal match between a gift you know the child will want, and the right sort of personalisation helps to give it that added lustre and interest!

Gift Suggestions at GiftPup

If you're still hunting down the dream gift for a fussy kid, then look no further – at GiftPup we have lots of great options to choose from. Here's a few of our top picks:

Gifts for a Childhood Bedroom

Kids love the chance to add some personality to their bedroom, so this is often a fantastic way to cater to fussier children as it makes them feel a little more grown-up to do some interior decorating! Some of our favourites at GiftPup include our Dinosaur Wooden Money Box, which can be personalised with a name to help make it even more special, and is available in a range of different styles, such as Tractors and Unicorns, to suit a range of tastes.

Top Stationery for Children

Kids can access lots of lovely stationery at GiftPup, including holders for their pens and pencils, and even desk accessories to help them combat tough homework assignments and keep a tidy working area. Our personal favourite is the Rainbow Notebook and Pencils Set, which gives kids a delightful brightly coloured notepad for jotting down their ideas, as well as 12 matching pencils with a variety of fun mythical slogans in a personalised box.

Chocolates and Sweets

Some of our favourite items from this range include the Smash Egg Jelly Bean Plaque, which can be customised with a child's name. Each one is unique, and this is sure to appeal to fussy kids who love both tasty treats and being the centre of attention. Made with both white and milk chocolate, every egg is hand-decorated for superb quality, and filled with yummy jelly beans. For a bigger sweet treat, we also offer Smash Cups and Sweet Trees!

Personalised Toys

A personalised toy such as a bunny rabbit, bear, or elephant from the GiftPup range is one of the best gifts for fussy kids, and will soon see them take their new toy everywhere they go. Each cuddly toy can be personalised with their name, and some of our bears can also include small messages and photos that makes each toy even more unique. Our most popular toys are our Photo Upload Charlie Bears, which are guaranteed to be an instant hit.

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