How To Protect Your Pet This Summer

Posted on 31st July 2019

As temperatures are rising and records are breaking, a lot of us are stocking up on the ice cream and basking in air con, but as we soak up the sun, it's important that our four-legged friends are also well protected. Here at GiftPup, we've created a helpful guide to help you keep your pets cool and safe in the summer.

Our Ten Top Tips

Provide Plenty Of Shade

Many animals will actively seek the shade themselves, whether that is by settling into a cool area in the home, or finding a shaded area outdoors. Help out your furry friend by making a special shaded space just for them in your garden.

Make Fresh Water Available At All Times

In the same way that we as humans get dehydrated, so do out pets, so it's important to ensure that wherever they go, there is always fresh, clean water available to them. A great way to do this is by positioning a couple of bowls inside and outside of the house, and perhaps providing them with a small water fountain.

Protect Their Paws

Animals spend a lot of their time outdoors on their feet, therefore, it is important that their paws are protected from the heat. If you hold your palm to the ground for 5 seconds and it's too hot, it's too hot for your pet. Keep walks to grassy areas, and check the condition of their paws when they come indoors.

Keep Flea And Tick Treatments Up To Date

The summer is an excellent time for the breeding of fleas and ticks, and your pet is much more likely to come into contact with them. Spare them the added discomfort by ensuring that all of their flea and tick treatments are up to date, and act quickly if you think they may be suffering.

Check For Toxic Plants

A lot of summer plants can be toxic to animals, check areas that your animal often roams, such as your garden or your walking route, and remove any dangerous plant where possible. A handy list of these poisonous plants can be found here.

Watch When You Walk

Much like with humans, it's best to keep animals out of the sun when it is at it's highest, so try and time walks for the early morning or the evening when the weather is hopefully cooler. It is always important to shorten the length of your walk, as excessive exercise in the heat can be fatal.

Give Them A Groom

Many pets shed their fur during summer, help them out by regularly grooming them to ensure that they are not getting any hotter. This being said, for double-coated breeds, it is advised not to trim their coat, as it is designed to both heat and cool depending on the weather.

Apply Sunscreen

Just like with humans, our animals can get sunburned, this is particularly common on their ears and noses where the fur is at it's thinnest, but for animals with thin or no hair, it is important to keep them protected. Use an animal-friendly sunscreen or a formulation that is suitable for babies.

Watch Out For Heat Stroke

Key signs to look our for in dogs are; excessive panting, drooling and collapse For cats you should watch out for glazed eyes, vomiting, drooling, extreme distress, rapid breathing, and agitation. If you suspect your pet is suffering, move them to a cool place, provide plenty of water, and call your vet.


This one should go without saying, but don't leave any animal in a hot car. The saying goes that 'not long' is too long, and if you see any animal stuck in a hot car this summer, call 111 and get help.

Top Tropical Treats

With the sun beaming down, why not treat your pet to a few extra accessories to help them make the best of the summer. We've selected three of our best Pet Gifts for helping your furry friend stay chilled.

'Reserved For' Dog Bed

Help your dog relax in the shade with a personalised dog bed cushion. This is the perfect way to provide your canine companion with a comfy space in a more chilled area of the house, helping them to keep safe, comfortable, and cool. The canvas cushion is sturdy and washable, perfect for even the most precocious pups, and is available in a range of sizes, from Chihuahuas and Dachshunds to Huskies and Weimaraners.

Pet Photo Blanket

If you've made a small shaded are for your pet outside, this blanket is a perfect choice to keep them comfortable and to show them that the space is just for them to relax in. The 100% polyester fleece material is easy to wash, and can be used year-round, whether they're relaxing in the summer, or curling up warm in the winter. Personalise it with the name of your four-legged friend and their photo so they know that this space is all theirs.

Personalised Dog Bowl

Help your dog stay refreshed in the heat by providing an extra dog bowl for them to drink from. This ceramic bowl is the perfect way to encourage your dog to keep hydrated, place it outside to offer your pup a drink when they're enjoying time in the garden. This bowl is also the perfect bowl for any hungry hound to feast from, and makes a great addition to the home when the sun has set.

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