How To…Be The BEST Best Man

Posted on 21st August 2019

The role of Best Man isn't one to be taken lightly, and goes beyond a night of drinking. Accepting the role is a promise to support the groom, and act as his right hand man throughout the wedding process. Here at GiftPup, we've created a quick guide for how to be the BEST best man.

Provide Support

First and foremost, be there for the groom. He has chosen you for a reason, and that reason is most likely because he trusts you and wants you there with him through the process. There will likely be times when he needs a sounding board for his wedding woes, and you should make yourself available with a coffee, a beer, or just a sympathetic ear.

Plan The Stag Do

Perhaps one of the more fun aspects of the role of best man is planning the stag do. Whether it's a local night out with the boys, or a trip abroad for some overseas entertainment, the job of the best man is to pull off the perfect party, and - most importantly - to get the groom to the wedding on time and in suitable condition when the party's over.

Pay Attention To Timings

It's a good idea to make note of the timings on the day and any additional activities that the couple have prepared since you will likely become the point-man between the groom and groomsmen as the wedding day looms. It's also a good idea to be prepared of when things are due to happen in order to preempt when your groom may require your assistance.

Prepare The Groom And Groomsmen

The role of best man is akin to that of head groomsman, therefore it is important that you take charge and ensure that the rest of the group are ready on time on the day, and to check in with the groom. This pre-ceremony role may also include tying bow-ties and double checking appearances when younger groomsmen or ushers are involved.

Protect The Rings

A vital part of the best man role is the protection of the wedding rings. Some couples may have a ring-bearer, however as these are usually young children, you will typically be entrusted with the rings until the final moment. It is also important that the rings are presented at the correct moment, so make sure you know where they are, ready to be handed over.

Practice Your Speech

The speech is probably the most nerve wracking aspect of a best mans role, and it's also the easiest to get wrong. Try writing more than one speech, each with different tones, so that you can ensure that the one you choose is appropriate for the audience. It's also important to practice, both for your own confidence, and to perfect your timing and delivery.


Finally, be the life of the party and encourage guests onto the dance floor. Make sure that other guests are well entertained and well behaved so that the bride and groom have one less thing to worry about and can thoroughly enjoy their day. Dance with aunts and grandmas and keep the party alive right through until the last dance - no one wants an empty dance floor.

Top Gifts for the Groom

Beer Bucket

Get the party started and the drinks flowing with this bucket full of beer and snacks. Whether it's a surprise for the stag, a pre-ceremony pick-me-up, or a round for the reception, our beer bucket is sure to be a great gift for both the groom, and your fellow groomsmen. Each bucket is galvanised and contains two pale ales and two bitters, alongside a series of nuts and nibbles for the perfect present.

Photo Flask

This photo flask is a great way to get the groom a gift that he can treasure for years. The combination or practically and personality is the perfect way to commemorate the day, whether you choose a picture from your history together, the stag do, or a picture from the wedding that you present to him as a Christmas or Birthday present. The 4oz stainless steel flask features your chosen photograph in a hard-wearing transparent acrylic resin for the perfect finish.

Men’s Gift Set

This brilliantly presented gift set is the perfect pre-wedding present for any groom, with a range of fully personalised men's accesories that are sure to serve him well on the big day. The set includes; a card case, pair of cufflinks, money clip, and a tie clip, all of which can be personalised with his name or initials. The set is also presented in a premium, engraved gift box that will ensure that he never forgets his best men.

Personalised Ferrero Rocher Sweet Tree

The gift of a sweet tree is perfect for both the groom, and the groomsmen, after all, who better to share it with? Whether it's presented as a stag do snack, or as some pre-ceremony sweets, these tasty treats are guaranteed to go down well with the groom. With a wide range of sweet trees available, there's sure to be a tree to tempt any sweet tooth, and since he can't be expected to manage all that sugar alone, chances are good that you'll get a bite too!

Suit Up Wedding Box

For the perfect presentations of any present on the day, a personalised wedding box makes for the ideal presentation box, and it can be kept as a keepsake filled with memories of the day. A personalised wedding box is also a great place to store vital accessories for the day, including; his bow tie, cufflinks, socks, a belt, glasses, his watch, or even a flask. This ensures that they are all kept safe, but are easy to find when the time comes.

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