Personalised Birthday Gifts For Dads Sick Of Socks

Posted on 28th September 2019

Dads often seem to suffer from unimaginative gifting options, so when it's time for his birthday, consider putting a little more effort into your hunt for the perfect gift to show him how much you care.
Thankfully, more and more retailers are waking up to the growing need for a new and more interesting approach to dad-based gifting – and at GiftPup, we go above and beyond to ensure there's plenty of fantastic items for you to choose from.

Many of us struggle to find the right present for dads, particularly if we'd rather steer clear of the same old tired clichés. If you're as tired of socks as your father is, then you're in luck! Personalisation is a great way to make your gift stand out whether it’s a regular birthday or a milestone celebration.
We've compiled this quick guide offering a little inspiration and suggestions for anyone currently scratching their head about what to buy dad for his birthday this year...

Why Personalise A Gift?

There are so many reasons to give personalised birthday gifts, but there are a few key factors to consider, all of which are sure to help you take this option seriously when dad's birthday rolls around!

It’s Thoughtful

Everyone wants to feel valued, and opting for a personalised gift is the perfect way to show you've put that extra bit of effort into finding something he'll truly love. Dads often get a rough deal when it comes to gifting, with socks and other stereotypical gift options taking centre stage. However, there's no reason you can't provide him with a gift this year that really shows how much you care.

They Can Be Practical

Many personalised gifts can also be practically used by your dad in his day to day life. This is another way of showing how seriously you take his birthday, while also demonstrating that you've paid close attention to the items he uses on a regular basis, and bought something he'll be able to enjoy and get real value from. Whilst socks themselves have a practical use, this is a definite step up!

There's Lots of Variety

With a wide range of products available to personalise, you're sure to find the gift which suits your dad's individual taste and lifestyle. So many options can make it difficult to narrow down – but with some added care and attention, there's the opportunity to pick up something truly memorable. Take a little more time to really browse through the options on offer, and you'll soon discover a whole host of dad-friendly presents.

Personalisation makes it extra-memorable

Receiving something which has been personalised to suit you is guaranteed to be memorable. This is particularly true of gifts for fathers, as they are constantly bombarded with the same old presents, and are sure to appreciate the extra effort you have gone to in getting something made for a special occasion. This is especially true if the gift is also reminding them of a great event or a day you spent together.

You'll never give him the same gift as someone else

The horror of giving someone the same gift as another person will no longer ever be a factor, as the chances of getting your dad the same personalised item as someone else are pretty slim! Focus on the little details with your personalised gift, making it as personal as possible and tailored carefully to your dad. This is a way to give your present a special 'handmade' feel without making something from scratch!

Suggestions at GiftPup

We stock a wide variety of fantastic personalised gifts perfect for showing your dad how much you care. Here are a few of our top personalised suggestions to help you find something truly special!

Personalised Glasses and Mugs

Getting a glass or mug engraved for your dad is a great gift, and you can often add extra flourishes to your item by choosing something which matches the ideal glass for his favourite drinks. If you're feeling extra generous, why not get him a personalised bottle to help him fill it up too?
From champagne flutes to shot glasses, pint glasses and tankards, and even to whisky glasses, Giftpup offer a wide range of engraved glassware that is guaranteed to suit his favourite tipple and that you know he'll get plenty of use out of.


Personalised Cufflinks

This gift is a wonderful way to tell your dad you're thinking of him, and every time he wears the cufflinks for a special event, your kind and generous present is sure to be on his mind!
GiftPup offers a selection of different customisation options, such as the chance to upload a photograph of your choice to a pair of cufflinks, and more streamlined (yet no less appealing) silver cufflinks with his initials engraved in them. Each comes complete with their own decorative box, ensuring the longevity and safekeeping of the cufflinks.

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