Suited and Booted: A Groom's Guide to Getting Married

Posted on 30th May 2019

Is a Tux Too Much?

You probably already know that Tuxedos are more formal than a suit, but what is it that really sets them apart from each other?

Traditionally, a tux is worn with a bow tie and a suit with a necktie, however, with trend overtaking tradition, neckwear is a lot more flexible nowadays. However, a tuxedo with a bow tie is usually worn with a formal shirt with wing tipped collar.

Footwear is pretty flexible. The traditional tuxedo shoe would be black patent oxfords, but much like with neckwear, trends are steering away from this and embracing the slippers, loafers, and the more detailed brogues.

If you’re a wedding guest, make sure to check the dress code. As a groom, try to work with what your bride is wearing and the general theme of the day. If you’re going for a more laid back vibe, then a suit is well suited. If your bride is prepping to be a princess, a tuxedo may be top.

Addressing Dress Codes

We’ve put together a collection of some of the most common wedding dress codes, from Black Tie to Casual to help you decide which dress is best.

Black Tie – aka Semi Formal

  • Black Bow Tie
  • White Tuxedo Shirt
  • Button Studs and Cufflinks
  • White Pocket Square
  • Black or Dark Blue Tuxedo
  • Black Patent Leather Shoes
  • Black Socks

This has traditionally been the most common dress code for a formal wedding, alongside charity events and awards nights. It is not quite as restrictive as white tie, and offers a choice of two tuxedo colours and different lapel styles, alongside a more flexible shirt style. Whilst there are the optional additions of braces, a low cut waistcoat, or a cummerbund (all matching the tuxedo), there is not a lot of space for personality, outside of some creative cufflinks.

Creative Black Tie – aka Festive

  • Black Bow Tie
  • White Tuxedo Shirt
  • Button Studs and Cufflinks
  • White Pocket Square
  • Black or Dark Blue Single Button Tuxedo
  • Blank Patent Leather Shoes
  • Black Socks
  • A Twist

This style of dress became popular in the film and television industry in the 90’s, and has since grown massively in popularity, particularly at awards shows and weddings. The key to this dress style is that you have the freedom to change one thing; your shirt, jacket, shoes, pocket square, or socks…This gives a bit more room for creativity; a classy coloured shirt, striking pocket square, or even some bright and fun socks can help pop some personality into your look.

Black Tie Optional – aka Informal

  • White Dress Shirt
  • Cufflinks
  • White Pocket Square
  • Navy or Charcoal Suit
  • Black Dress Shoes
  • Black Socks

This is becoming one of the go-to wedding dress codes in recent years, allowing for both flexibility and formality. This dress code helps to cater both to those that wish to wear a tux, and to those that neither own a tux, nor would it be feasible for them to rent one. This also allows for more opportunity to show your personality either through cufflinks, or by swapping out the bow tie for a solid coloured necktie (with the option for a fun tie clip).

Cocktail Attire – aka Business Casual

  • Necktie or Bow Tie
  • White, Blue, or Pink Dress Shirt
  • Navy, Blue, Brown, Grey, or Charcoal Suit
  • Black or Brown Dress Shoes
  • Black or Brown Dress Socks

Cocktail Attire acts as a slightly more relaxed form of Informal Dress, will no requirements for a tuxedo or pocket square, and more colour options. This dress code also allows for more use of patterns with ties, tie clips, pocket squares, and socks (to an extent) all being fair game for adding flair.


  • Collared Dress Shirt
  • Blazer
  • Dress Pants or Chinos
  • Dress Shoes

This is a pretty safe attire choice for relaxed weddings or for evening guests. It offers plenty of choice and is left open to different colours, patterns, and fabrics. This is a great way to have a loose dress code, without running the risk of guests wearing t-shirt and jeans, or something more outlandish.

Next Level Looks

Depending on the dress code, there are some great ways to level up your look and truly make it your own.


Personalised cufflinks are a great way to get a subtle hint of fun into even the strictest dress code. GiftPup offers a great selection to choose from, including engraved or photo upload cufflinks, or even some fun themed cufflinks like our Anchor or Dumbbell sets.

Wedding Idea: A great touch for a wedding would be to have engraved cufflinks for each of the groomsmen, or some father of the bride cufflinks.

Tie Clips

Another subtle yet stylish addition is a personalised tie clip. Engraved extras such as this are perfect for adding a personal touch, and we offer both rhodium plated tie clips and gold plated tie clips, both with personalised engravings.

Wedding Idea: An engraved tie clip is another great way to treat your groomsmen, and it adds a touch of fun formality to an otherwise plain tie.


Fun personalised socks have been popping up in more and more wedding shoots, and they are a great way to add a bit of fun into yours and your groomsmen's suits. We have recently expanded our selection of personalised socks to include a variety of wedding appropriate attire.

Wedding Idea: Get your groomsmen to flash their socks at the photographer for a glimpse of the fun or personalised design.


An engraved flask or photo upload flask can make for a great groomsman gift either before or after the wedding. From a traditional engraved stainless steel flask, to a round window flask, or even a photo upload flask, GiftPup offers an extensive variety for you to choose from.

Wedding Idea: A personalised flask makes for a perfect prop in photos, and is always good for some dutch courage on the day.

Pocket Watches

With the rise of retro, pocket watches are swiftly becoming more popular, and a personalised pocket watch is a unique way to add a splash of style and sophistication for any member of the wedding party. This would also make a great gift for the father of the bride.

Wedding Idea: A great shot for a photographer would be a quick flash of the watch from the groom and his groomsmen


For a more traditional timepiece, a classic wristwatch will always be in fashion, and a personal engraving helps transform it into a piece of meaningful memorabilia. These watches look great engraved with name, wedding role, and wedding date.

Wedding Idea: Present your new father-in-law with an engraved watch during speeches for a touching and thoughtful gift.

GiftPup have a range of Wedding Gifts, including what to get for your Groomsmen, available on our website.

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