The Best Gifts For Pet Lovers (and Pampered Pooches!)

Posted on 10th August 2019

As a nation, us Brits love our four-legged companions – so much so that research by one pet food brand showed pets were more popular than relatives at Christmas, with pampered pooches and favourite felines showered with more pressies than parents, cousins or kids!

If you’re looking for personalised pet gifts for the animal lover in your life, this means you’ll need to be on your gift giving A-game. Luckily, this is something we know plenty about here at GiftPup so read on for our top tips for finding the ideal gift, whether you’re shopping for a person or a furry family member.

Keep It Simple

In one respect, animal lovers are easy to shop for – they are likely to adore anything which reminds them of their favourite pet! If you're wondering what to buy someone you know who is crazy about animals, focus on their dog or cat and consider how you can incorporate that into a fun and original gift.

Research Their Personal Taste

Not everyone likes the same things, so it’s essential to look at the personal taste of your recipient rather than simply the animal they like. Are they interested in bright colours, or do they prefer to keep things more muted? Do they favour minimalism, or like busy patterns and prints? Knowing the answers to these questions will help you choose the right gift. If their home is adorned with photos of their pooch, a customised photo frame or a cushion with their pet’s face on might go down a treat. If they’re an avid gym goer, a personalised water bottle to stay hydrated on the treadmill could be a winner.

Consider Practicality

Animal lovers know that pets can be a handful, so items which are too fiddly or easily prone to breaking are not always the best option. Instead, go for items they can use. This doesn't have to mean you select a dull or boring gift, far from it. Look for colourful pieces which showcase their animal-loving credentials, such as customised blankets, a notepad or mug for their desk at work or a hanger for their pet’s leads.

Buy For Their Pet

One thing many pet lovers enjoy more than receiving gifts which remind them of their pet, is receiving gifts which are designed specifically for their pet! From a personalised dog collar to cosy dog beds – a gift for their dog is a gift for them, but with the added bonus that the pet gets to enjoy it, too. Selecting a doggy-friendly item demonstrates that you’ve also thought about the animal who is precious to them.

Look For Home Décor

With a vast selection of animal-themed home décor and home furnishings available, you're sure to find something for every animal lover. There is nothing better for a pet lover than enjoying a relaxed day with their four-legged friend, so why not help them make their home an oasis of pet-themed tranquillity with a throw, a cushion, an apron printed with a favourite image of the two of them or even a candle.

Include the Pet's Image

Adding the recipient's pet to the gift visually is one of the best ways to truly involve them. If you don't have any images of their pet yourself, try looking at the recipient's social media feed and seeing if there's any high-quality snaps of their dog which you can use.

Choose Durable Materials

Whether you're looking for a cushion or a mug, items for pet lovers need to be a little more durable in case of accidents. Choose fabrics which are tough enough to be thrown in the washing machine when needed and materials which can be wiped down or cleaned easily in the event of muddy paws getting in places they shouldn’t.

Use Humour

Fun gifts tend to be popular amongst animal lovers. From cartoons of their favourite pet to wall art which reflects their pet's uniqueness, there's no need for your present to be dull or straightforward. Use humour and creativity to find something which will make the pet owner happy.

Customise The Gift

Opting for a customised gift gives you much more room for creativity, and is sure to have a big impact on the recipient. Even the most straightforward of gift items is given a new lease of life after being customised to suit the person you're buying for – whether that's adding their name, or even a photo of their treasured pup.

GiftPup Gift Guide

At GiftPup we stock a wide range of gifts perfect for treating the pet lover in your life. Of course, if you’re one of the millions of people spending an average of £100 on Christmas gifts for your furry friend each year, you may also find yourself adding a few treats for your own pooch to your basket! From mugs to cushions, dog beds to phone covers – we’ve got personalised dog gifts, personalised cat gifts and gifts for pet lovers by the bucket load. Here are a few of our favourites to inspire your search …

Crazy Dog Lady Durham Mug

A high-quality mug which can be customised to suit the recipient, this is a bright and colourful addition to any self-styled crazy dog lady's collection. Suitable for everything from birthdays to special events, the Crazy Dog Lady Mug is a thoughtful, fun-filled gift sure to impress.

Dog Paw Piped Edge Photo Cushion

For photogenic dogs and the people who love them, this decorative cushion is a delightful gift. The cushion comes in three sizes, and includes customisable colour choices (black or white) on the reverse side. Made of soft, sumptuous faux suede, this is the perfect combination of style and comfort for the dog-lover in your life.

Dog Questions Pet Bed

If you really want to treat your dog (or your dog-lover), the Dog Questions Pet Bed can be personalised with a name and is made from super durable material, perfect for keeping up with energetic pups. The monochrome style blends well with most décor and comes in three sizes – ideal for any dog.

Best Dog In The World Phone Case

The name of this product says it all, making it the perfect gift for a truly besotted dog owner. With the ability to personalise the case with the dog's name, the case is also available in a variety of different sizes to suit many types of mobile phone – ensuring the recipient can always carry their love for their dog with them.

Best Dog Ever Wood Frame

What better gift for your favourite dog-lover than with a photo of their pampered pooch? This photo frame can be personalised with their dog's name, and has space for a 6x4 picture of their pupper. The solid oak style and beautiful carving makes this a standout gift for the discerning dog-parent.

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