The Bride's Survival Guide

Posted on 17th July 2019

Weddings are supposed to be a time of love...and yet they are being more and more overshadowed by stress! In fact, a report by Zola shows that 71% of couples found wedding planning more stressful than buying a home, moving, finding a job, and even applying to university! Here at GiftPup we have created a guide to help even the most stressed out bride survive.

After The Proposal

1. Start Planning Early And Stay Organised

Setting out a plan early is key to successful wedding planning. An early and thorough plan can help to ensure you get top choice suppliers, times, and dates. The key, once a plan has been made, is to keep everything organised and all of the paper work together.

2. Budget (And Spend It Well)

One of the first things to consider is your budget, how much do you have to spend and what are your priorities? DIY weddings are becoming increasingly popular, however it is important to weigh up the financial cost versus the cost in time and stress - sometimes it's worth it to get a professional in.

3. Share The Load

Whilst you may be thinking that this is 'your day', remember the person that is taking this journey with you. They are also there to attend meetings with suppliers, help plan a budget, and anything else - they are your partner in everything, and that includes the wedding planning.

Before The Wedding

1. Check In With Suppliers

If only to settle your own mind, check in with suppliers to make sure that everything is on schedule as planned. Most suppliers will suggest a pre-wedding meeting anyway, but those that don't, make sure to ask for one.This is your final opportunity before the day to nail down the plan.

2. No Last Minute Beauty

Don't, under any circumstances, reach for the fake tan, hair dye, wax strips, or even tweezers in the final days before the wedding. Book in with a professional a week or two before the wedding to give your skin time to calm down from any potential reactions, and also to give yourself an opportunity to relax.

3. Pack An Emergency Kit

Tissues, tampons, hair ties, painkillers, put together a small emergency kit to cover any last minute surprises and leave it with your maid of honour. This kit can also include a small sewing kit, some touching-up makeup , deodorant and hair grips - just in case.

On The Day

1. Eat!

The combination of stress, alcohol, and a long day can make for a hungry bride, and the first real meal is often not until mid afternoon. Make sure you eat whenever you get the chance, and have snacks on hand just in case (maybe pack them into the emergency kit).

2. Have Some Comfy Clothes On Standby

Being on your feet all day in new heels is never a good idea, and even a summer wedding can drop cool at night. Put together a comfy clothes pack with a jacket and some flat shoes that you can change into if you need to. There's no reason for a bride to spend her wedding day cold or blistered!

3. Enjoy The Day

The most important thing to do is to enjoy the day! This is a day of happiness surrounded by your loved ones, don't let yourself get distracted by small mishaps or stresses. Anything that has gone wrong probably hasn't been noticed by anyone but you, and is very unlikely to ruin the day, so don't worry about it.

After the Wedding

1. Breathe

After the months of planning, and a long and busy day, the most important thing for you to do is to breathe. Take a moment with your partner to reflect on the day and to come back down to earth slowly.

2. Return Any Rentals

Make sure to return any clothes, decorations, or equipment as soon as possible to avoid any additional charges. Many suppliers will have booked items out again for other weddings and will be expecting them back on time, therefore late charges will likely be high, and not something you want to be worrying about.

3. Sort Your Paperwork Out

If you have chosen to change your name after marriage (either by taking your partner's name, double barrelling, or meshing your names), it's important to make sure that all of your paperwork is in order. A full guide for how to change your name, and who to notify, is available here.


Most importantly...TAKE SOME TIME

At every stage of wedding planning, make sure that you are taking time for yourself and your partner. This is your day and your future.

Our Top Gifts for the Bridal Party

Maid/Matron of Honour

From planning the hen do, to helping to hold up your dress when you pee, there's a lot to do in the role of Maid of Honour, so why not treat her to something sweet, like our Magenta Hamper. The combination of bubbly, chocolates, and sweets is sure to make up for all the Bridezilla meltdowns she's witnessed.



For the girls that have laughed and cried with you throughout this whole process, it's always good to get them a gift to say thank you. This Mirror Card does just that, and the pocket mirror on the front can be personalised with a photo of the two of you for that extra-special touch.


Flower Girl

The role of flower girl is a big task for a little one, so why not buy them a small token to say thank you for being so brave and doing so well? This Children's Bracelet is the perfect gift that she can treasure forever, and it can be personally engraved just for her!


Mother of the Bride/Groom

Whether she's the woman that gave you life, or the woman that gave you your partner, show her you appreciate everything she has done for both of you with this elegant Elie Beaumont Watch. The back of the watch can be engraved with a small message of love and thanks for the perfect added touch.


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