The Easter Bunny's Favourite Gifts

Posted on 18th March 2020

Did you know, here at GiftPup we have recently expanded our pet gifts to not only include more options for your favourite pupper, but also to treat your cat, horse, or even bunny!

As spring is on the horizon, and Easter is incoming, we thought we'd share some of our top Easter Bunny-approved gifts for rabbits, and their owners.


For the hopping-mad family that wants to show the world their love of bunnies, this Hop On In Doormat is the perfect household addition. This washable grey doormat is the ideal addition for rabbit owners, and is a great way to ensure that any guests get a brilliant bunny-based welcome. The gorgeous little rabbit decor features the line 'Hop On In', followed by your family name for a personalised touch. All of our doormats are made using a 100% recycled anti-slip backing.


This vibrant Rabbit Kids Apron is a great way to encourage your little ones to get into baking or cooking, all whilst incorporating their favourite furry friend. The beautifully bright design is sure to help spark your child's inner baker, and the top of the apron has space for up to 14 characters to help personalise it especially for your son or daughter. This apron is made here in the UK using a machine washable polyester canvas material, for optimum comfort and an easy clean.


What better way to celebrate your bunny love than with this super soft Rabbit Paw Border Photo Cushion? This luxurious cushion is made using a faux-suede fabric that makes it the perfect cushion to snuggle up to with your favourite cotton-tailed friend. The edges are printed with sets of beautiful bunny paw prints, with up to 12 characters of personalisation at the bottom, and each cushion is individually dyed with your chosen photo. This adds to the quality and durability, whilst the hand sewn panels create a seamless finish.

Feeding Bowl

For a great gift that both you and your bunny can enjoy, why not upgrade their dining with one of our XS Double Feeding Bowls. These bowls can be made in this stylish Black shade, a washed Grey style, or a classic Rustic wooden colour, to perfectly suit your home (or your rabbits 'aesthetic'). The front of the bowl can even be personalised with their name for an extra special touch. The wooden bowls are also treated with a water proof lacquer to protect them from any stray water.

Cuddly Toy

Finally, for those that are craving a fluffy friend, why not treat them to one of our super snuggly Plush Grey Bunny Rabbits, which are available in both Blue and Pink. This plush bunny features an adorable pink button nose and soft, floppy ears for the perfect cuddly companion. The left ear can also be personalised with your child's name for an special added touch. This fluffy bunny could also make a great friend for any real-life rabbits!

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