The Newlyweds Guide To Choosing A Birthday Gift For Your Wife

Posted on 3rd August 2019

So, you're a newly-wed: congratulations! When your wife's first birthday as one half of a married couple rolls around, you might be left wondering what to get her to show how much you care. In this blog, we'll walk you through some of the best ways to select the perfect personalised birthday gifts for your beloved – and even provide a few suggestions sure to impress even the most discerning of brides...

Make It Personal

Personalisation is always a fantastic way to treat the lady in your life and helps elevate any gift to something thoughtful and meaningful. One of the best things about personalising an item is that it’s so flexible – personalised touches can be added to a wide variety of different products including everything from champagne flutes through to cushions. This helps make sure you'll find the perfect gift for the woman in your life whether she loves a cheeky glass of wine on a Friday, is a master chef in the kitchen, a keen fitness fan or proud dog mum.

Choose Something Memorable

When you're buying a gift for your wife, remember to pick something which she can keep for many years to come. You might even want to surprise her with more than one gift, adding a few different layers to her birthday celebrations. Remember she'll always remember the first gift you bought her as a married couple, so your aim should be to make it very memorable for all the right reasons!

Decide On A Budget

You’re sure to want to splash out for your wife’s birthday gifts when it’s the first one of your married life together, but there's lots of ways to do this without blowing the budget. If you've recently paid for a wedding or bought a house together, there may not be much cash spare to go all out on gifts for each other. If that is the case, don't worry if you have a modest budget – this is no barrier to really spoiling her with a thoughtful present.

The best gifts are not always the most expensive ones, and remember it's the thought which counts! There are lots of fantastic gifts she'll adore and plenty of ways to make the day memorable which won't leave you with an empty bank account.

A personalised teddy bear is both cute and romantic and could hint at another gift, such as a fun day out at the zoo. If you opt for a personalised photo frame, you could arrange a low cost activity such as a picnic in the countryside, a day at the seaside or a cheap city break to get the perfect picture to sit within it.

Get Creative

Even if you're not naturally a creative person, adding a few creative flourishes to your birthday gift will always be appreciated. Some of the best birthday presents are those which show the person doing the gifting put a lot of effort into their choice – so don't hold back, and let your imagination run wild.

Shop For Her Personality

With so many 'wife-centric' gifts on the market, you can easily lose sight of who you're shopping for – leaving you with a generic present which doesn't really suit the intended recipient! While you're looking for gifts, think about who it is you're buying for. You know and love your wife, so you already have some insight into her personal taste and personality. If you can apply this insight to the gift you choose, you're onto a winner!

Treat Her To Jewellery

Jewellery is a gift that never goes out of style, and there's something inherently romantic about presenting your wife with a piece of jewellery she'll wear year after year. Base the metal choice on your wife's new wedding ring to guarantee a good match.

Appeal To Her Sweet Tooth

Is your wife a chocolate fan? Then there are lots of great personalised birthday gifts you can choose for her to satisfy her sweet tooth. From chocolate boxes to individual treats, there’s a huge array of choice for anyone who loves a decadent treat.

Take Her On A Trip

What better way to celebrate her birthday than with a new adventure? There are lots of fantastic romantic destinations perfect for newlyweds – suitable for a range of budgets and tastes both close to home and further afield. You could even present her with a gift while you're enjoying your new surroundings.

Get Nostalgic

Consider a gift which puts your life as a couple centre stage; gifts which commemorate your wedding, your first date or the first time you met are all a great way of showing how proud you are of your wife, and impressing her with a gift she'll truly treasure. You might like to incorporate a photograph of the pair of you, or some text on a personalised birthday gift which means something special to her.

The GiftPup Gift Guide

Whatever you're looking for, we're sure to have the perfect personalised birthday gift to help you show your new wife how much you care. Here are a few of our top picks:

Queen of Cupcakes Apron

Is your wife an avid baker? Then treat her to a gift which displays her love of baking up a storm, with the Queen of Cupcakes Apron. In a stylish monochrome and with a playful cupcake (complete with crown) on the front, the gift can also be customised with your wife's name to make it extra-special.

Messina Bead Ball Bracelet

Feel like treating your wife to a piece of jewellery? Then this beautiful silver bracelet is delicate enough to be ultra-wearable, whilst still providing a loving way to celebrate her big day. The bracelet comes complete with a heart-shaped charm which can be personalised with her name, and is presented in a white decorative box.

3 Heart Champagne Flute with Prosecco

If your wife is a fan of bubbly, then treating her to a gorgeous champagne flute personalised with her name is a truly thoughtful gift. In addition, this gift comes complete with a miniature bottle of prosecco and a lined decorative display box, so she can always safely store the glass if it's too precious to keep in the kitchen cupboard.

5 Reasons Why I Love You Mug

There's something very romantic about writing down the reasons you love someone, and this mug means she'll always be reminded of the little things which make her special. The mug can be personalised with your own list, and also includes room for the recipient's name and your name and message.

Birthday Cake Purple Socks

If you're looking for a playful, eye-catching gift for your wife, then a pair of socks which include her name and a little birthday message provides the ideal fun token of your affection. Perfect for lounging around the house, the message appears on the bottom of the socks, and is accompanied by a fun sketch of a birthday cake.

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