The Ultimate Christmas Party Guide (with personalised party favours)

Posted on 30th November 2019

Planning a Christmas party is lots of fun, but it can be tricky to ensure you remember all the key steps leading up to the event itself.

In this blog, we’ll guide you through every step of the way – as well as recommending a few personalised party favours sure to take your party to the next level.

Set The Date

Choose the date of your party before you do anything else. There’s a simple reason for this: accessibility. You need to establish early on whether you’ll be able to book a venue, and whether your guests will be able to attend. Set the date, and then you can make all the other arrangements around this important factor.

Decide Your Theme

Your Christmas party theme may seem obvious, but there are lots of sub-themes within this overarching theme. You might choose to have a costume party, and encourage people to dress up as their favourite festive character. Or perhaps you’re more interested in some other fantastic themes, such as setting your party around a particular time period (60s, 70s, 80s) or turning the venue you choose into a winter wonderland. Don’t be afraid to let your imagination run wild! If you want to make your theme elaborate, now is your chance.

Organise Your Budget

Decide how much you have to spend on your party, and begin to break down your budget into key categories. This will help you decide how much to allot to each one, and help you keep your spending within budget. We highly recommend carrying out this process before you start looking for venues, as while you can adapt your theme to your budgetary requirements, selecting a venue which is outside your price range is a lot more difficult to manage.

Find Your Venue

Selecting the perfect venue for your party is one of the most essential parts of the planning process. This will be largely determined by your budget and your theme, as well as the location where your party is taking place. Think of how the venues you find will support your theme. Do you need different ‘levels’ or areas, do you need an outdoor space, or is just one room enough for what you have in mind?

The venue will play a big role in helping you bring your theme to life, and you also need to ensure it has enough room to accommodate all of your guests. Decide carefully the way you want your party to look and feel. Look at a few different spaces if possible, and be sure to chat with a party planner or someone else who works at the place you’re considering.

Send Out Invitations

Next, send out your invitations and include the option to RSVP if you desperately need to know the numbers who’ll be in attendance. We recommend that you do ask for a response, as knowing the number of guests will assist with everything from seating to catering. We also encourage you to choose the invitation type which works for you. Some prefer to keep it traditional, and send out paper invitations to their guest list. Alternatively, you can create a group on social media or send out a few quick e-mails to the people you want to attend.

Arrange Your Menu

Deciding your menu is another exciting part of planning your Christmas party. There’s so many wonderful options at this time of year, including preparing the food yourself, opting for ready-made dishes, or working with a caterer to create a menu specifically for the event. Be sure to take into account any of the dietary requirements of your guests when putting together your delicious festive fare.

Choose Your Entertainment

Depending on the kind of Christmas party you’re hosting, the entertainment you choose will vary wildly. Maybe you’d prefer to just play some music, or perhaps you will book a live band. You might want something more elaborate, like booking a visit from Santa to keep the kids entertained? Give this option some thought, and try and keep your entertainment choices in line with the overall theme of your party.

Source Some Party Favours

Party favours will help every guest feel a little more special, and there are lots of ways to make them even more fantastic at your festive celebration. We recommend opting for personalised party favours this year, providing you with items which strike the right balance between memorable and thoughtful. There are so many different options for personalisation, including everything from tiny party favours to more extravagant choices.

The chance to personalise your gifts is just another reason why its so important to know who will be attending your party, so remember to make sure everyone sends their RSVP!

GiftPup Recommendations

At GiftPup, we have a wide variety of different personalised gifts for kids, him, her and even your furry family members, ideal for lots of different occasions. The following suggestions make great party favours for your Christmas party!

Creamy Chocolate Bar

Christmas is a time when diets go out the window, so a delicious bar of white chocolate, complete with the recipient’s name on the label, is sure to be appreciated! As long as you check the person you’re buying for can eat chocolate, this is a pretty fail-safe party favour. GiftPup also sell a variety of milk chocolate bars to suit all tastes.

Personalised Haribo Sweet Tree

These delightful Haribo Sweet Trees are available in two different sizes (25cm or 35cm tall) and feature a selection of yummy Haribo treats, as well as a personalised glass holder which your recipient can treasure long after the sweets are gone. There is also a range of chocolate sweet trees, truffle sweet trees, and even a flying saucer tree!

Merry Crimbo Christmas Bauble

Give your gifts something decorative for their Christmas tree, with one of these very special festive baubles. Personalised to include an image of your choosing, this is a wonderful way to gift something which is sure to bring joy Christmas after Christmas.


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