The Ultimate Guide To Throwing A Ghoulishly Good Halloween Party

Posted on 12th October 2019

With Halloween just around the corner, many of us are increasingly looking for ways to make the most of this perfect excuse for a great party. However, organising a party is never without its pitfalls and the pressure of organising a Halloween event, complete with wicked decorations, themed food and a killer costume can only serve to amplify this!

If you’re hoping to throw the ultimate ghoulish get together this year, never fear. We’re here to help you plan a spookily good soiree…

Plan In Advance

Even the most promising events can go awry without forward planning, so be sure to get started on your Halloween party planning as soon as possible. Leaving it until the 30th of October to source decorations or hunt down creepy cupcakes is a recipe for disaster. Consider investing in a notepad to jot down your plans, or simply make a checklist and tick off each key task as you go. Not only will this help you remember all the things you need to do, but it will also provide some reassurance that you're making progress.

Organise A Guest List

Are you planning for a smaller event, or a large-scale party? Whatever your requirements, it’s important to get this part of your planning organised early on, so you can then decide any venue requirements. Some people love to throw their Halloween party at home, but others often hire a space if the guest list gets too large to accommodate. Don’t forget, if you want loads of guests without hiring a venue, outdoor space can be put to use with a little lighting and spooky decorations.

Consider Your Theme

While the theme might seem obvious – after all, you're throwing a Halloween party – the ambience you create can be as straightforward or as complex as you like, and this requires a little more thought to get right. There are lots of spooky decorations and accessories in the shops, but you don’t want to just grab a few pieces then try and get them to work together.
From Halloween costume parties to more understated events, this is another element of your party planning which you should dedicate plenty of time and attention to. If you're stuck for inspiration, try looking online for Halloween party boards on Pinterest. You could even take a trip to a local store which already has its spooky Halloween decorations on display. This will help you decide on your preferred aesthetic for the event, as well as any restrictions you might encounter in your own party space.

Send Out Invitations

Once you've decided who to invite (and where the party will be), it's time to send out some invitations! Some people prefer to keep this send out a quick e-mail or a message on social media. For others, traditional paper invitations remain appealing, and there's plenty of space to get creative with your designs if this is the route you take. If you're holding the party elsewhere, ask your guests to RSVP – if the party is being held at home, you might it to be a little more flexible and casual, in keeping with the tone of the party.

Get Shopping!

This is one of the stages of party planning which is the most fun – finally shopping for the decorations and accessories which will help create a great atmosphere and make your event unmistakable. There are so many options to choose from that you're sure to find items which suit your taste and theme (we've even included a few recommendations of our own, a little later in this blog post).

Plan Your Own Outfit

If you're hosting a themed party, your own outfit is key to helping your guests feel right at home. For fancy dress parties, be sure to really go the extra mile! If you're opting for a different route, there are plenty of ways to add a suitably ghoulish twist your clothing without making it so obvious.
Dark colours and dramatic accents are always popular at Halloween parties – feel free to let your imagination run wild. Even something as simple as a mask can make an impact.

Organise Drinks and Snacks

No party is complete without a few drinks and snacks. We think it's best to keep it simple. A snacking table with tried and tested options is a great way to make everyone feel welcome – just be sure to buy a little more than you need in case of unexpected (or particularly hungry) guests.
Opt for nibbles which you can cook in advance or that don't require much prep, as this will stop you getting stuck in the kitchen! Another great idea is to ask your guests to bring a ghoulish drink or snack with them.

Decorate The Space

Last but not least, it’s time to set the scene for your party. If you're throwing the party at home, leave yourself plenty of time to prepare everything. For those hiring an exterior venue, check when you can arrive and start to decorate well in advance of the day itself.


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This would make the perfect gift for guests as they leave. Why not fill the mug with delicious Halloween treats to help make it even more special? Simple yet ideal for the occasion, this will ensure everyone has a great reminder of the event.

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These cute tote bags are the ideal personalised gifts for kids who are going trick or treating, and they’re an eco-friendly alternative to plastic. With their name and a delightful image of a ghost on the front, this bag can be used year after year so it’s spookily sustainable too.


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