Top 10 Birthday Gifts for Kids

Posted on 25th September 2019

Buying a birthday gift can either be the easiest thing in the world, or one of the most difficult. With favourite characters and hobbies that can change by the week, finding the perfect gift that will they will love, and that will last them can be a struggle.

Here at GiftPup, we've made a list of our Top 10 personalised gifts for kids that are sure to be an instant hit.

Piggy Bank

What better way to help your child learn to budget than with this cute Silver Plated Piggy Bank. Encouraging your child to save their money, gives them a feeling of independence, as well as teaching them the value of money. Why not add a pound or two to the piggy for an extra little gesture?

Trinket Box

Another great gift, that's also great for saving is this Smiling Star Trinket Box. Not only can children use it to store their favourite pieces of jewellery and small mementos, but they can also use it to stash their pennies to keep them safe.


A great gift for kids that have recently learned to tell the time is this vibrant Unicorn Kids Watch. The soft, durable straps feature a bright unicorn pattern with a personalised message engraved into the back. This colourful watch is also available with a dinosaur, or a football pattern to suit a variety of tastes.

Water Bottle

Mix fun with function with this Born to Ride Unicorns White Water Bottle, a great way to encourage children to drink more water, whilst also giving them a gift that they'll love. With a wide range of themed water bottles available, you are sure to find the perfect bottle that they'll be happy to carry with them.

Wooden Toy

Wooden toys are a great gift for younger children, as they are durable enough to last through hours of play. Our personal favourite is this Wooden Tractor with Trailer which is spacious enough to fit a variety of small toys inside, and can be personalised with your child's name.

Furry Friend

A furry friend is great for children of all ages, whether it is their first toy, or their fiftieth. We stock a wide range of cuddly toys, from bears to our bestselling Plush Grey Bunny Rabbit, with all of them being personalisable, either with your child's name, a small message, or a photo.


For kids that love to draw and write, why not buy them a new, personalised notebook? We particularly like this colourful Animals Photo Upload Notebook, which is not only great place to store all of their latest doodles and stories, but it has been made especially for them, with their photo on the cover.


For creative kids that have a mountain of notebooks, why not help them build their stationary collection with some Gold Embossed Colouring Pencils that are personalised with their name, or a cute pen pot like this Animal Pen Pot to store them all in?


Kids that are more creative in the kitchen might prefer something a little more flour-friendly like this Chef White Kids Apron. Whether they're just getting into baking, or they're on their way to be the next masterchef, they're guaranteed to be cooking up a storm in no time.


Last but not least, a sweet treat will always be a winner. Step your chocolate gifting game up a level with this Belgian Chocolate Mini Smash Pot or one of our delicious Sweet Trees for the ultimate chocolatey indulgence that they may even share with you!

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