Engagement Party Ideas

Posted on 26th February 2020

What is a more romantic way to celebrate Valentine's Day than by getting engaged to the one you love? In fact, around 10% of proposals occur on Valentine's, making it one of the most popular days to get engaged (alongside Christmas and New Years). But how do you celebrate once the excitement has settled?

We've compiled a list of our favourite engagement party ideas to help you celebrate those Valentine's Day betrothals.

Garden Party

Garden parties are a classic when it comes to engagement celebrations. Grab some bunting, invite your close friends and loved ones, and pop open a couple of bottles of bubbly for a laid back celebration. For a bigger event, you could try setting up some speakers and hiring some giant party games to really get the party started, although keep in mind that you'll need a wet weather plan!

Wine and Cheese Night

For a more serene soiree, why not pop the cork on a Cabernet and bring out the brie for a wine and cheese night? There are usually plenty of local wine bars that will be able to host this for you or you could host at home for a more intimate gathering. You could even encourage your guests to bring their favourite pairings, and maybe even find your perfect wedding wine?

Recreate Your First Date

What better way to celebrate your love than by commemorating where it all started? Put a twist on your original date my inviting your friends and family along to join you, whether you book out a few lanes at a bowling alley, fill a table at the restaurant you had your first date at, or host a movie night. Alternatively, you could also recreate your engagement to make it into a big family event.

Big Brunch

Are you a better pairing than bacon and eggs? Why not find out by celebrating your engagement at your favourite brunch spot? Book a table and invite your nearest and dearest to join you for your best brunch bites, from pancakes and waffles to bagels and avocado toast. You can always choose to host at home, but maybe stick to a cold buffet and pastries, instead of dealing with multitasking mayhem.

Rent a Space

From a city rooftop, to a boat on the river, or even to a suite at your favourite music or sporting event, give your engagement party the VIP treatment by booking out a space to celebrate in style. Head into the city for some truly spectacular rooftop venues, or out into the countryside for a lazy day on the river, wherever you are in the country, there's guaranteed to be some truly unique spaces to host your celebrations.

Surprise Party

If you haven't announced your newly engaged status yet, why not make it into a surprise party for your loved ones? This is especially great for the couple that loves hosting. You could either decorate your party with rings and banners, or keep it low key until you make the announcement together. However, it does also mean making sure to keep quiet about it before the party, and maybe even taking your ring off whilst you wait!

Weekend Getaway

For a smaller gathering, why not head out for a weekend getaway with your closest family and friends? Whether you're heading out of the country, off to a holiday park, or booking out a rental house, this is a great way to get away from the usual hustle and bustle and carve out some quality time before the wedding planning begins.

Top Engagement Gifts


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Weddings are an expensive business, so keep every penny safe with a personalised wedding fund money box. This money box is great for storing small change before the wedding to help pay for any added extras, and has a small rubber stopper so that it can be emptied and refilled.

'All You Need is Love' Heart Cheese Board

The perfect gift for any feta-fans or Edam-enthusiasts, this romantic cheese board is made using eco-conscious Hevea wood, and has an integrated knife compartment, complete with 3 wooden handled cheese knives, perfect for the couple that loves an evening of cheese and wine.

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